“Yes, I’m ignoring you.”: How Filtering Can Improve Your Life

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That next meme is going to dose you a microgram of dopamine in the next millisecond, before you scroll around for another hit. Your attention is limited and what you focus on is taking away focus from something else… most likely something more important or worthwhile. Knowing what to ignore will save you time, reduce stress and improve your decision-making.

The Illusion of Importance

We believe that by staying up-to-date with every bit of information, we’re somehow becoming more knowledgeable or connected – the illusion of importance. It’s bullshit, mere noise, distracting us from what truly matters.

The Art of Filtering

So, how do we break the habit? Here’s some practical advice:

  1. Identify your priorities: What deserves your attention and focus? Having clear priorities makes you better equipped to filter out the irrelevant.
  2. Curate your sources: Not all sources of information are created equal. Choose a few reliable and reputable sources that align with your interests and goals. It’ll save you time, and ensure you’re receiving accurate and relevant information.
  3. Set boundaries: Determine specific times of the day when you allow yourself to engage with news updates or social media. Avoid mindless scrolling and focus on your priorities.
  4. Practice selective ignorance: Give yourself permission to ignore certain topics or discussions that don’t add value to your life. Not everything deserves your attention.


  • Email : Set specific times during the day to review and respond to emails.
  • News: Curate your news sources. Use Tweetdeck, follow specific people, when tracking trends, filter out for verified accounts with a high follower rate. Ensure you get high quality information.
  • Social Media: Delete the apps off your phone, unless you need them for work. Use Facebook and whatever else on a desktop only. This will limit the amount of time you end up doomscrolling and losing hours.

Learning to filter what truly matters is paramount. By embracing the art of filtering and taking practical actions to prioritise relevant information, you can reclaim your time, reduce stress, and make better decisions. Most things you encounter in your day to day are not important, ignore them.

I’m rooting for you. ✊