A Simpler Approach to Life: Big Ambitions, Low Expectations, and High Standards

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Two things about me… I like to keep things simple, and I’m a big picture kinda guy. So I like to focus on the bigger things in life, the bigger goals, like happiness, success, and fulfilment. And, what are the bigger ideas and approaches we keep in mind to get there consistently, day by day. So right now, I’d like to breakdown one approach I’ve come across that makes senses, as a start, to achieve the bigger goals – big ambitions, low expectations, and high standards.

Big Ambitions: Connect to Something Larger

Ambitions push us to reach beyond our comfort zones and strive for something greater. For example, if you want to be a great father and friend, that ambition would drive you to prioritize your relationships, invest time and effort into nurturing them, and constantly seek opportunities to grow as a person.

Ambition is crucial to have a connection to something larger than ourselves. Want to make a positive impact on the world or leaving a lasting legacy? The quality of your ambitions provide the fuel to keep you moving forward.

Low Expectations: Redefine Happiness

Comparison is the thief of joy… and having high expectations of life, of your job, of your relationship… is gonna set you up for a fall. You’re gonna be disappointed, feel inferior, deficient and well, unhappy. All of this just because the next guy has £1 more, or more free time, or a better job, etc. So focus on your own life a bit more, be grateful for every little positive thing in it, dwell on it, be absorbed by it. Next… expect less, or better nothing, from the future, your partner, your job, your boss, etc. Look at reality and accept it for what it is.

Happiness, in its purest form, arises when reality exceeds our expectations. So, instead of expecting the world to owe us something, take responsibility for your own happiness. Set realistic expectations and take proactive steps towards your goal. Increase your chances of finding joy and fulfilment.

Higher Standards: Raise the Bar

High standards reflect our commitment to excellence. It’s natural to have moments when you fall short of expectations, but DO NOT lower your standards when faced with difficulties. Maintaining standards, especially in adversity, shows yourself your dedication to growth.

Setting high standards means giving everything in every endeavour. It means striving for excellence, even when it would be easier to settle for mediocrity. You won’t always meet the bar you set, but never lower it to feel better about yourself. Learn from your shortcomings, adapt, and keep pushing.

In the end, living your best life requires a conscious effort to align your ambitions, expectations, and standards. The world doesn’t owe you anything… you need to take responsibility and action.

So, set big ambitions that connect you to something larger than yourself. Redefine your expectations and actively pursue our goals. Most importantly, Hold yourself to a high standard, always striving for excellence.

I’m rooting for you. ✊